BOMs Away Monday!

1. First up, Not really a BOM this year but the Aurifil Monthly mini quilt top is done:

DSCF8937 - Version 2

Now to quilt and bind it 🙂

2. Our LQS “Quilts n Things” has a BOM and I am doing their “sewing” themed quilt. As long as you complete your BOM and take it to the store on the first Saturday or Wednesday of the next month, they give you the fabric for that month to make the BOM for that month. There is a small cost to join the BOM program and you have to purchase a magazine with tons of blocks in it for the instructions but it is a great way to get a quilt top at a VERY affordable price. Here is my block:

DSCF8932 - Version 2

3. Pat Sloan’s “Vacation Time” quilt

I am going to use the “keep calm” fabric as a constant in each block and change up the accent fabric. I might also keep the purple swirly fabric as a constant “background” fabric. There are actually two different pinks in this block, one is a large scale flower and one is a marbled “solid” but its hard to see in this picture… I would have like more contrast between the two even IRL but, I am not going to redo the block because of it 🙂 I also changed the design slightly 🙂

DSCF8933 - Version 2

Thats it for my BOMs this week! Thanks for looking 🙂

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3 thoughts on “BOMs Away Monday!

  1. Lynette says:

    Hey, nice stuff here! Love the “Keep Calm” focus fabric for a constant. That would be a good one for me right now. Going through diagnosis to see whether a cancer spot on my forehead is a single spot or systemic (it’s “just” a lymphoma, so highly responsive to treatment either way, but still not my choice of current events!) And your LQS block – Wow!! I’m really loving those fabrics together. It’s a very striking block. Glad you linked up!


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